Strengthening Connections with Your Hispanic Audience Through Mobile-First Marketing

Posted on July 26, 2023 by Media Culture

To better connect with the tech-savvy Hispanic consumer market in the United States, you must embrace the power of mobile devices and audio platforms! 

With unique preferences and behaviors, this vital audience demands mobile-first marketing strategies. In this article, we'll delve into the significance of these approaches, drawing insights from our U.S. Hispanic Market Audience Insights Report. Get ready to captivate and engage with the dynamic U.S. Hispanic community like never before!


/// Streaming vs. Traditional

Streaming platforms have ignited a transformative shift in the way Hispanics consume audio content, profoundly influencing their cultural preferences and behaviors. With the convenience of accessing music and audio storytelling on demand, these platforms now serve as a gateway to the rich tapestry of Hispanic culture. 

Among streaming platforms, Spotify leads the pack with 46% preference, followed by Pandora at 30%, and Apple Music with 18% favorability. Understanding the significance of these preferences and habits is crucial for marketers, as it allows them to develop targeted strategies that deeply resonate with this audience.


/// The Growing Influence of Audio Platforms

Podcasts have experienced a significant rise in popularity, with Hispanics embracing this audio medium. 24% of this audience listens to podcasts three or more times per week, with 14% listening twice a week, 3% listening six times a week, and 16% listening 3 to 5 times a week. Smartphones play a crucial role in podcast consumption, providing convenient access to a wide range of podcast content. 

Traditional radio also remains a strong medium for reaching the Hispanic audience, with its long-standing popularity and trust within the community.

Key Data Points:

  • U.S. Hispanics primarily listen to Spanish and Urban genres on FM radio and streaming platforms like Spotify, often while commuting.
  • 34% of our audience listens to Spanish content, while 15% listen to Dance Music (EDM, Techno, House, etc.), and 31% listen to Urban (Hip-Hop/R&B).
  • U.S. Hispanics enjoy music primarily on Spotify, and often listen at home or during their commute.
  • 16% listen to podcasts related to music, and 13% listen to podcasts related to advice.
  • 5% of our audience listens to podcasts on Pandora, while 25% listen on Spotify, and 4% listen on Audible.
  • 16% of our audience listens to podcasts at work/school, while 25% listen In car/commuting, and 46% listen at home.

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/// Crafting Content that Resonates with Hispanic Consumers

Mobile-Optimized Content Strategies

25% of U.S. Hispanics are smartphone-only internet users, as compared to 15% of the general adult population. Given the prevalence of mobile usage among the Hispanic community, it is essential for businesses to optimize their websites and content for mobile devices. Hispanic consumers are tech natives, with 33% considering themselves Tech Product First Adopters, while 33% state they Pay Full Price for Latest Tech, and 47% Advise Friends on Tech

Fast-loading webpages and mobile-friendly designs enhance the user experience and increase engagement. Incorporating interactive content such as videos and infographics can further enhance audience engagement and create a memorable brand experience.

Language and Culture

Language is another crucial factor when targeting the Hispanic audience. Spanish and bilingual content are highly preferred, as they enable effective communication and cultural connection. Consideration should also be given to cultural references, values, and regional differences within the Hispanic community to create relevant and resonant content.


/// Leveraging Social Media and Influencers

Understanding the social media habits of the Hispanic audience is a crucial factor in effectively engaging them. By identifying their platform preferences and usage patterns, businesses can tailor their social media strategies to achieve maximum reach and engagement. When it comes to platform usage, YouTube and Facebook are the primary choices for U.S. Hispanics, with 77% and 75% of the audience utilizing these platforms, respectively. While these numbers are high, they index slightly lower than the top platforms. 

Other platforms also play a significant role in the Hispanic audience's social media habits, with 15% using Twitch, 35% on Snapchat, and 43% on TikTok.

It's important to recognize that U.S. Hispanics consume TV on par with the general population, but they over-index in Spanish-language and children's programming. By grasping these details of the Hispanic audience's media habits and preferences, businesses can curate content and experiences that resonate effectively with this diverse and dynamic community.

Hispanic Influencers

Collaborating with Hispanic content creators and influencers can significantly amplify brand reach and engagement. By partnering with influencers who have a deep understanding of Hispanic culture and a strong connection with the community, businesses can enhance authenticity and resonate with the target audience. 


/// Connect with the Hispanic Community with Mobile-First Marketing

It’s time to embrace mobile-first marketing strategies and better connect with the Hispanic community. By understanding the mobile landscape, crafting culturally relevant content, and leveraging social media and influencers, businesses can strengthen connections with the Hispanic audience and foster long-term engagement.

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