Discover the Asian American Consumer: Audience Insights Report

Posted on July 31, 2023 by Media Culture

Asian Americans have shaped the cultural and economic contours of the U.S. in profound ways. As their influence burgeons, marketers need to be well-prepared to connect with this diverse demographic on a more meaningful level. In our Asian American Audience Insights report, you'll discover a definitive resource for understanding, engaging, and nurturing this vital community.

/// What You'll Learn

Explore the rich tapestry of the Asian American demographic, spanning a range of backgrounds, beliefs, and behaviors. Our report  dissects the unique characteristics, cultural values, and consumer habits of this rapidly growing segment of the U.S. population.

By leveraging trusted sources—including the U.S. Census Bureau, Pew Research Center, eMarketer, Goldman Sachs, and more—we provide an authoritative perspective on the evolving landscape of Asian American communities. Gain actionable insights that empower your marketing strategies and foster authentic connections with this influential audience.

This report includes:

  • Demographic Overview: Get a detailed breakdown of the U.S. Asian American population, understanding its growth rate, diverse origins, distribution across states, languages spoken, and additional demographics.
  • Media Consumption Patterns: Uncover the varied media habits of the Asian American community, including a their higher online video consumption and social media engagement, giving marketers a clear direction for channel prioritization.
  • Purchasing Power & Behavior: Gain insights into the remarkable buying power of Asian Americans, their preferences in shopping categories, and their brand loyalty, allowing businesses to tailor their products and marketing strategies to this influential consumer segment.
  • Key Traits & Geographic Distribution: Learn about the technology, social, health, and religious preferences of Asian Americans, and gain insight into the regions where they have a significant presence to tailor your marketing strategies.
  • And more...

Download the report today to harness the opportunities that the Asian American market presents. 

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