Parents of Recent Graduates: Audience Insights Report

Posted on May 1, 2024 by Media Culture

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the characteristics, values, and consumer behaviors of Parents of Recent College Graduates with our comprehensive report. This report offers crucial insights into their demographic details, lifestyle choices, and media preferences, empowering you to engage this unique audience effectively.

/// What You'll Learn

Discover key insights into the lives, values, and purchasing patterns of parents of recent college graduates. Understand how to connect with this audience, who are focused on stability, security, and education, and influence their spending decisions.

This report includes:

  • Demographic Overview: Predominantly Gen X, with a notable representation of Hispanic demographics, this group is distinguished by its educational attainment and strong presence in professional sectors like education, healthcare, and finance.
  • Wealth & Lifestyle: These parents enjoy a median income well above the U.S. average, with significant investments in home ownership and a net worth often exceeding $150K. They prioritize family-oriented and health-conscious living, favoring brands that align with these values.
  • Education & Employment: A highly educated demographic, with many holding college degrees and working full-time in influential sectors, reflecting their commitment to personal and professional growth.
  • Relationship & Household Dynamics: Most are married and live with their spouse, often with adult children who either live at home or have recently moved out, indicating a close-knit family structure.
  • Values & Drivers: Safety, security, and stability are paramount, alongside a deep commitment to community and national well-being. They value trustworthy and dependable relationships.
  • Media & Technology: Engaged across multiple media platforms, they show a higher preference for internet and television, with selective engagement in print media, indicative of their selective and informed media consumption habits.
  • Shopping & Brand Preferences: Decisions are influenced by factors like brand reputation and customer service, with a preference for shopping at places that offer organic and health-focused products. They frequent stores that align with their values, such as Nordstrom and Harbor Freight, and prefer family-friendly and sustainable options.
  • And more...

Leverage the detailed findings in this report to forge meaningful connections with parents of recent college graduates, tapping into their distinct preferences and values to foster lasting engagement. Download the full report today to unlock the potential of this influential demographic group.

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