Nearly Half of Americans Have Considered Starting a Business — Here’s What’s Stopping Them

Posted on July 27, 2023 by Christena Garduno

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This article was originally featured on GoBankingRates and syndicated on Flipboard, Yahoo! Sports Canada, and Yahoo! Finance

Christena Garduno, CEO of Media Culture, emphasizes that aspiring entrepreneurs need not be deterred by a lack of upfront capital, as not all businesses require substantial investments. Garduno suggests exploring alternative funding options such as loans, grants, crowdsourcing, and bootstrapping. To overcome the hurdle of uncertainty, she advises conducting thorough market research, seeking mentorship, and participating in entrepreneurship programs to identify a suitable business niche. Effective time management is crucial for balancing personal and professional commitments. Garduno encourages business owners to consider starting new ventures for growth and creativity, utilizing existing resources and expertise to seize fresh opportunities. 

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