Media Buying Briefing: A look at agencies’ holiday spending strategies this year

Posted on November 27, 2023 by Media Culture

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This article was originally featured on Digiday and syndicated on YoursBulletin and MarketingXDigital.

This holiday season is poised for significant shifts, with early sales periods and a focus on audio trends targeting Gen Z consumers. Proximic, the programmatic targeting division of Comscore, predicts that holiday spending will peak earlier than usual, with November expected to witness 50% of the total spending, surpassing traditional December peaks. Key drivers of this surge include the rise of mobile shopping, social media commerce, and events like Amazon deal days.

Chris Stiner, Senior Account Executive from Media Culture emphasizes that while online shopping has stabilized, continued inflation is prompting brands to adopt a more discreet advertising approach compared to previous years. Notably, Gen Z's interest in novel social media and audio content during the holidays is evident, with over two-thirds of shoppers seeking gift inspiration from social platforms.

Christena Garduno, Chief Executive Officer of Media Culture, anticipates a bustling online holiday shopping season in 2024, attributing it to the ongoing growth of e-commerce and increased acceptance of multi-channel shopping. Furthermore, the role of artificial intelligence (AI) is expected to expand in customer service, campaign personalization, and ad spend optimization. Garduno also highlights the rising popularity of virtual and augmented reality shopping experiences, allowing customers to virtually try on items or explore businesses remotely.

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