4 Streaming Trends For Brands To Watch In 2023

Posted on January 3, 2023 by Nuno Andrade

Topics: Press

This article was originally published on Young Upstarts and syndicated on AI Up Now

In anticipation of 2023 trends, Nuno Andrade, VP of Strategy at Media Culture, highlights the evolving landscape of streaming television as a pivotal avenue for advertisers. Linear television offers enhanced precision targeting, improved measurement, and valuable insights for strategic decision-making. Notable trends to watch include the rise of program-level visibility for ad placement, the significance of leveraging first-party data amidst third-party cookie deprecation, the scaling of live streaming programming and reality TV, and the accessibility of TV inventory through innovative platforms like MNTN. As viewers adapt to increased ad breaks for reduced streaming costs, collaborating with relevant streaming service providers becomes essential for successful brand awareness and audience engagement.

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