A Programmatic Approach to B2B Advertising in 5 Steps

Posted on February 16, 2024 by Christena Garduno

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This article was originally featured on ChiefMarketer.

Christena Garduno, CEO of Media Culture, explores the shifting landscape of advertising in the digital age, emphasizing the challenges posed by a saturated market across various channels. To address this, Garduno advocates for a data-backed approach, particularly crucial for B2B targets. She introduces a strategic five-step programmatic advertising approach, beginning with audience understanding through prioritizing firmographic data. The use of the right data, including behavioral and firmographic data, is highlighted as essential for effective targeting in programmatic advertising.

Garduno emphasizes the significance of testing and optimizing results, employing A/B and multivariate testing methods. Quality over quantity is underscored, encouraging a focus on high-quality placements to engage the target audience effectively. Lastly, Garduno advocates for planning agile campaigns, adapting strategies to market changes and evolving audience behaviors. The time invested in a programmatic strategy, while not a linear progression, is seen as a valuable investment for long-term benefits, maximizing campaign efficiency and delivering dynamic, personalized content to B2B audiences.

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