Modern Parenting: Audience Insights Report

Posted on January 5, 2024 by Media Culture

Navigating the ever-evolving landscape of parenthood is no easy feat, especially in today's digital age. From juggling screen time to balancing work and family, modern parents face a unique set of challenges and opportunities. Understanding their values, aspirations, and media consumption habits is crucial for any brand hoping to connect with this audience. Dive into the Modern Parenting Audience Insights report and discover the key drivers shaping today's parents, empowering you to craft meaningful communications that resonate with their hearts and minds.

/// What You'll Learn

Demystify the dynamic world of modern parenthood. Uncover the values, aspirations, and media habits driving today's parents in our comprehensive report. Learn how to navigate their digital world, understand their brand preferences, and build meaningful connections that resonate with their hearts and minds.

This report includes:

  • Demographic Overview: Predominantly middle-aged parents, mainly female, with a significant representation of White, Hispanic, and Black individuals. A diverse group embodying a mix of generations, largely Millennials and Generation X.
  • Wealth & Homeownership: Median net worth and income in line with national averages. Majority are homeowners, highlighting their stability and investment in family life.
  • Employment & Economic Outlook: Primarily full-time workers, with a higher proportion of homemakers than the national average. Education levels are high, indicating a knowledgeable and skilled demographic.
  • Family Dynamics:  Most are married and live with their spouse or partner, often in households with 1-3 children aged 5-14. This reflects a family-centric lifestyle with a focus on child-rearing.
  • Values & Social Views: Place high importance on authority, safety, tradition, and achievement. They exhibit influential leadership, focus on security, and have a strong respect for customs.
  • Media & Technology: Highly engaged with internet, social media, and TV. Prefer radio and podcasts, showing diverse media consumption. They use technology smartly, balancing family-friendly and innovative products.
  • And more...

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