Single In The City: Audience Insights Report

Posted on February 1, 2024 by Media Culture

Dive into the dynamic world of modern dating with our comprehensive Dating Audience Insights Report. Explore the landscape of single life in the city, uncovering the core values, lifestyle preferences, and media consumption patterns of today's singles. This report is an essential resource for brands seeking to connect authentically with a diverse, tech-savvy audience who values creativity, excitement, and individualism.

/// What You'll Learn

Gain insights into the demographic makeup, economic profiles, and social behaviors that define contemporary daters. Understand their unique values such as creativity, stimulation, and equality, and how these influence their lifestyle choices and brand interactions.

This report includes:

  • Demographic Overview: Predominantly young adults, with a high representation of White, Black, and Asian individuals, primarily from urban areas.
  • Wealth & Lifestyle: Predominantly renters, with income and net worth below the U.S. average, reflecting their youthful demographic.
  • Education & Employment: High engagement in education and diverse employment sectors, with a significant portion being students.
  • Relationship & Household Dynamics: Largely single, living alone or with roommates, indicating independence and a focus on personal growth.
  • Values & Social Engagement: Strong emphasis on creativity, excitement, equality, and achievement, with a focus on individualism and social justice.
  • Media & Technology: Highly engaged with internet, social media, and streaming services. Prefers innovative and luxurious tech products.
  • Shopping & Brand Preferences: Values convenience and brand, with a focus on sustainable and visually appealing products.
  • And more...

Discover these insights and more to effectively engage with the modern dating audience. Download the full report to unlock the potential of this vibrant and diverse group.

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