The challenge

Mathnasium, an education client, aimed to target specific Asian demographics through a Connected TV (CTV) program. Through the implementation of audience pixels from Media Culture’s proprietary Connection Points Audience Platform, we were able to identify that Asian Audiences were nearly 2.5x as likely to visit As a result, a unique campaign was created to specifically target this group.

However, the use of third-party data segments to target this multicultural audience proved to be unreliable and costly. Media Culture’s challenge was to more accurately target this demographic while improving performance metrics and keeping third-party data costs in check.


Media Culture's approach

  • Custom Audience Segmentation: Media Culture developed a custom Asian prospecting segment within Connection Points, leveraging ethnic attributes and insights from real-time user data to identify the highest-value audience.
  • Performance Benchmarking: The Connection Points custom audience was tested head-to-head against third-party data segments to validate its efficacy.
  • Cost Analysis: A deep dive was conducted into inflated data costs from various third-party data providers, revealing hidden costs that were not contributing to performance.
  • Audiences at Scale: Media Culture used Connection Points to identify additional modeled audiences to drive greater efficiency across the CTV program.

The results

The Connection Points custom audience segment outperformed the third-party data segments across all key performance indicators.

Moreover, the analysis revealed inflated data costs from other third-party data providers, leading to a strategy shift towards more accurate and cost-effective Connection Points custom audience segments.

Cost Per Thousand (CPM) reduced by 23%
Click-Through Rate (CTR) increased 133%
Cost Per Session (CPS) decreased by 67%
Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) decreased by 81%

Strategic Insights

  • Data Cost Transparency: Unveiled hidden costs in third-party data segments, leading to more informed decision-making.
  • Performance Optimization: Demonstrated that Connection Points custom audience segments could not only better target our audience but reduce costs and significantly improve performance metrics.
  • Future-Ready: The success of Connection Points custom audience segments has paved the way for the development and testing of lookalike models, aiming to further optimize performance.

By leveraging custom audience segmentation, Media Culture has set a new standard in performance-driven strategies, proving that precision and cost-efficiency can go hand in hand.

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