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With incomparable expertise in the linear TV space, our team of media buying veterans has the insight, agility, and tenacity to ensure you get the greatest return possible for your advertising dollars. We offer a variety of fixed and direct response buying strategies, backed by historical performance data, trend research, and competitor analysis so you always receive premier campaign recommendations and management support. 

Our flexible linear and DRTV services let you:

  • Advertise on syndicated, network, or cable TV at a local or national level
  • Save money through highly discounted DRTV rates
  • Regularly measure the effectiveness of and continuously optimize your campaigns

Discounted rates, premium benefits. Learn more about the impact linear TV and DRTV advertising can have on your business.

DRTV: Past, Present, and Future

Let’s not dilly-dally. The definition of DRTV is: Direct Response Television is TV advertising that includes a response trigger, such as an 800 ...

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What is a DRTV Campaign?

Chances are you’ve heard of Proactiv, the Snuggie and Shamwow – and the reason is DRTV.

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