What Advertisers Need To Know About CTV Marketing In 2024

Posted on January 16, 2024 by Nuno Andrade

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This article was originally featured on YoungUpstarts.

As 2024 unfolds, the media landscape is undergoing a transformative shift with streaming platforms dominating viewership and advertising, notably surpassing traditional TV. Connected TV (CTV) stands out as a key player, captivating a younger and broader demographic with personalized, on-demand content.

Despite the rise in pricing for ad-free options on major streaming services, viewers are accepting lower-tiered plans that include ads, presenting a prime opportunity for marketers to invest in CTV advertising. The expansion of CTV audiences and the expected surge in advertising revenue highlight the pivotal role CTV will play in the industry, constituting a significant portion of the total CTV/Linear ad spend.

This evolution in media consumption underscores the need for advertisers to adapt, emphasizing precise audience targeting, enhanced viewer engagement, and data-driven insights to stay at the forefront of the advertising revolution. Nuno Andrade, Media Culture's Chief Innovation Officer, explores these trends and strategies, positioning brands that embrace CTV's potential as leaders in this dynamic landscape.

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