Rio 2016 Olympics Plagues & Pleasures [Infographic]

Posted on August 4, 2016 by Media Culture

Rio 2016 Olympics Plagues & Pleasures Infographic – Safety, Attendance & Advertising
Our Latest Infographic Covers The Ins & Outs Of The Rio de Janeiro Olympics

The Rio 2016 Olympics is the “talk of the town” these days—and for good reason! As the 2016 Olympics shines a light on this city, it also brings to the light questions about viruses, water contamination, preparation, security and more.

Our new infographic Rio 2016 Olympics Plagues & Pleasures looks at the marvelous city of Rio de Janeiro as an Olympics host and as a global destination. In this all-things-Rio-Olympics infographic, we examine Olympics advertising, attendance and Rio de Janeiro safety issues.

A City of God, Parties and Pleasure 

Rio 2016 Olympics by the numbers: 7.5 million tickets to see 10,500 athletes representing 206 countries in 42 sports at 33 venues across 4 city districts for 17 days and 306 events. 

Here is some more of what we learned about this dramatic, famed city thrust into the Olympic spotlight: 

  • Rio de Janeiro is the most biodiverse country on Earth 
  • Staffing, preparation and attendance for these Olympic games is no small deal:
    • 8,000 employees
    • 8,500 contractors
    • 45,000 volunteers
    • 20,000 members of the international media
    • 12,000 torchbearers carried the Olympic flame from Greece to Rio in the two months leading up to the Games
    • Organizers will prepare 60,000 meals per day for athletes
    • 450,000 condoms will be provided to athletes staying in the Olympic Village
    • 200,000: Original estimate of American attendees. That number is now closer to 100,000, due to concerns over the Zika Virus.
  • From an Olympics advertising standpoint, these 2016 Games are characterized by:
    • 11 Worldwide Olympic Sponsors including Coca-Cola, Atos, Bridgestone, Dow, GE, McDonald’s, Omega, Panasonic, P&G, Samsung and Visa.
    • $1 Billion in Ad Sales
    • 6,000+ hours of planned footage for the games
  • Rio’s 2016 Olympic opening ceremony is expected to cost significantly less than those put on by its predecessor Olympic host cities:
    • Beijing’s opening ceremony: $100 million
    • London’s opening ceremony: $41.5 million
    • Rio’s opening ceremony: $4.1 million (projected)

No current look at Rio, at the upcoming 2016 Olympics or at Rio de Janeiro safety would be complete without a look at the numbers around security and around health, namely the Zika Virus scare:

On the safety front, here is what we found:

    • 85,000 soldiers and policemen to be deployed
    • $850 million of “bailout funds” to beef up security and compensate police officers for long-unpaid overtime work
    • 307 – Number of people killed by police in Rio in 2015

And when it comes to Zika, the mosquito-spread virus has been linked to birth defects and infects 157 Rio residents for every 100,000, we learned that:

  • 6/10 top-rated golfers that will not appear due to concerns over Zika
  • 150 international scientists, doctors and medical ethicists said new findings made it “unethical” for the Games to go on
  • The World Health Organization advises couples to practice safer sex for eight weeks after returning from Zika-affected areas

Rio 2016 Olympics advertising, attendance and safety are all important factors for a successful Olympics. Looking at these numbers, it is no surprise there is much discussion around these topics for the 2016 Olympic Games.




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