New Attribution Platform Offered By Media Culture

Posted on May 10, 2022 by Media Culture

Topics: Press

This article was originally published on MediaPost

Media Culture, a brand performance agency formerly known as Koeppel Direct, has debuted a new attribution tool: The Abacus Multichannel Measurement Suite.

The new offering quantifies the role of disparate channels in the customer path -- both online and linear, the firm says.  

For instance, brands can use the platform to measure the impact of a linear TV spot while identifying the incremental value of the ensuing brand keyword search on Google, it says. And they track a retargeting impression via a demand side platform. 

In addition, Abacus quantifies the long-term "halo" effect beyond just the last touch.

And it can help brands “break down the measurement silos across media channels and create visibility into how they work in tandem to drive more effective response, both today and six months down the line,” says Jared Harrington, vice president of analytics at Media Culture.

“Advertisers that only account for the short-term contribution of their media investment are likely to optimize themselves out of a campaign,” adds Media Culture CEO Christena Garduno.

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