Media Culture Redefines Media Attribution with Launch of Abacus® Multichannel Measurement Suite

Posted on May 9, 2022 by Media Culture

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Dallas, Media Culture, an independent brand performance agency, announced today the launch of the Abacus® Multichannel Measurement Suite.

The Abacus® Suite provides marketers insight into which efforts drive immediate impact as well as those that contribute to long-term growth.

Whereas last-touch attribution methodologies utilized by ad platforms like Facebook and Google provide little context into how disparate platforms influence the path to conversion, the Abacus® Suite illustrates and quantifies the role of each channel along that path.

This benefit isn’t limited to digital media. The Abacus® Suite can help determine the impact of cross-channel media, whether linear or digital. This allows advertisers to not only attribute the impact of a linear TV spot airing but also to identify the incremental value of the ensuing brand keyword search on Google or a retargeting impression via a demand side platform, allowing for optimizations based on the entire media mix, not just individual channels.

Moreover, the platform enables advertisers to quantify the long-term “halo” value of their media, beyond the last touch.

“Most marketers understand that their advertising has an intangible ‘halo’ impact,” said Jared Harrington, VP of Analytics at Media Culture. “The Abacus® Suite demystifies that impact and makes it quantifiable.”

“Our purpose in launching this platform is to break down the measurement silos across media channels and create visibility into how they work in tandem to drive more effective response, both today and six months down the line,” said Harrington. “With the Abacus® Suite, we are able to provide insight into which channels and placements drive true value, as opposed to those that simply take credit by occurring in closest proximity to the conversion event.”

“Advertisers that only account for the short-term contribution of their media investment are likely to optimize themselves out of a campaign,” said Media Culture’s CEO, Christena Garduno. “As a Brand Response agency, we are tasked with delivering immediate results while also ensuring the long-term health of the brands we service. This platform helps us fulfill that mission.”

Since its founding in 1995, Media Culture – formerly known as Koeppel Direct – has existed at the forefront of change in the performance marketing industry. And as technology and media consumption has evolved, so have its capabilities. Media Culture has developed leading analytic expertise, expanded its proven, nimble brand response and demand generation approaches across a variety of channels, and built a track record of success. Through it all, Media Culture’s clients have remained priority number one.

Abacus® Suite offers data-driven insight into the impact of marketing efforts for both brand building and performance-focused campaigns.

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