Digital Marketing Strategy for Universities

Posted on June 8, 2020 by Media Culture

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This is a challenging time, with most businesses facing difficult economic certainty. But for some educational institutions, it’s a time to provide new services that can help people move forward and improve their lives in the future.

American universities have long been elbowing their way to the forefront in technology, but now more than ever, solutions are needed to educate millions of people in new ways. Students will need access to financial aid resources and enrollment services.

Is your university prepared to attract talented young students? Do you know how to appeal to their desire for information quickly? Can you tell the story of your university and get prospective students into the pipeline for applications?

The One Thing that Makes Universities Unique When Developing a Marketing Strategy

What is a university? It’s typically an institution with multiple schools of different disciplines. There may be a medical school, a business school, and law school, for example. What does that mean?

It means universities need a coordinated Digital Marketing Campaign that addresses the unique needs of each school.

Put more precisely, a university has many constituents to satisfy, which means their marketing campaign needs to be nimble. One size fits all will not work.

How does Koeppel Direct help universities with their marketing strategy? We start by analyzing your data. Universities have oodles and oodles of data. We love data. We’re so geeky, we make geeks look cool. How are we different than other marketing firms? We bring years of expert experience to data analysis.

Once we wrap our arms around your data (almost literally, we love hugs), we develop a comprehensive marketing strategy for each constituent.

Ask us how we can help your university.

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