Baby Boomers & Seniors in the Digital Era

Posted on April 19, 2013 by Media Culture

Topics: Marketing

Living in a digital age, Americans are accustomed to rapid advances in technology.  With most toddlers fully capable of working smartphones and tablets, the youngest generations of U.S. children are being raised on advanced technology.  Seemingly without limits, the digital revolution continues to grow exponentially.

While younger generations have become synonymous with technical ability, what of the older generations?  With a reputation for being decidedly “un-techie,” Baby Boomers and the elderly are too often discounted in market research, advertising, and product creation.  Parodied in pop culture as “behind the times” and unable to stay abreast of rapid changes in the technological landscape, those fifty and older have been misrepresented.  As detailed in the infographic below, current research shows that many of the assumptions about the Baby Boomers and technology are incorrect.  Neither slow to pick up new concepts, nor resistant to the ever-changing digital world, Baby Boomers and the elderly are a quickly growing group of media and technology users.

The infographic presents illuminating information about the trend of technology usage for Baby Boomers and the elderly.  A growing market that uses smartphones, tablets, the Internet, and social media – savvy markets and advertisers should not ignore this powerful demographic.



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