B2C Lead Nurturing Strategies That Turn Leads Into Customers (Part 3)

Posted on September 29, 2019 by Media Culture

Continuing the discussion of how to nurture your leads and increase conversion rates, two tactics have been covered so far.

First was account-based marketing, which narrows the focus of your marketing efforts significantly from traditional marketing funnels to try and establish a deeper connection with potential customers. After that the conversation shifted to content and email marketing, which takes familiar components of marketing campaigns and uses them in slightly different ways. Both of these tactics are effective, but may not be right for every situation.

As a third option, your company can use targeted and retargeted ads to ease your leads into signing on the bottom line. As with content and email marketing, this tactic takes something else that is familiar to marketers (in this case, ad targeting) and adjusts it slightly to make it into a powerful conversion tool.

Ad Targeting

As with email and content marketing, it’s unlikely that you will find marketers who haven’t been involved with ad targeting at some point in their careers.

The core idea behind targeted ads is simple: Create advertisements that feature the products, services or ideas that you want to sell and place them in front of the demographic you want to sell them to. While the reality is obviously more complicated than that, the end goal of most targeted ad campaigns is either to make a sale or to generate leads in hopes of making a sale down the line.

Unfortunately, even if you use programmatic advertising and highly precise targeting across devices, there is still going to be a decent portion of your target demographic that is not interested in making a purchase. Even if your ads attract them to your website or get them to sign up for a newsletter, these individuals don’t have much interest in following through on your eventual call to action.

This is where a different approach can have a big impact; instead of advertising to these consumers that aren’t interested in your CTA, use advertising to build a relationship instead.

Retargeting Your Ads

Creating a secondary ad campaign for the purpose of retargeting and nurturing leads can be effective.

The consumers you retarget should be individuals that have visited your website, liked your company’s pages on social media or had some other interaction with the company. They didn’t make a purchase or otherwise advance through your sales funnel, but they did have at least some sort of interest in your company. Your new campaign will try to coax this out, building on that interest to create a relationship based on trust and respect.

Focus your new campaign on the quality of your products or other aspects designed to create a positive association between the targeted consumers and your company. Don’t push the sale or toss out an immediate call to action. At most, attempt to get the consumer to follow your company on social media or sign up for an additional newsletter or product bulletin.

Remember, the goal is to take the consumer from a mild interest in your company’s offerings to a much more active interest based on their increasing opinion in your products.

Nurturing Leads for Conversion

By taking the time to nurture your leads you not only increase the likelihood of conversion, but you also increase the chances of repeat business.

Consumers who feel a positive association with a company are more likely to do business with that company again, especially in the B2C space. Whether you nurture these consumers through the use of targeted advertising or other nurturing techniques, you may be surprised at how much of a difference the time you spend nurturing these leads can make.

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