LGBTQ+: Audience Insights Report

Posted on June 25, 2024 by Media Culture

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the characteristics, values, and consumer behaviors of the LGBTQ+ Community with our comprehensive report. This report offers crucial insights into their demographic details, lifestyle choices, and media preferences, empowering you to engage this diverse and influential audience effectively.

/// What You'll Learn

Discover key insights on the lives, behaviors, and purchasing patterns of LGBTQ+ individuals. Understand how the media preferences, shopping habits, and political leanings of this diverse audience influence their behaviors and spending decisions.

This report includes:

  • Demographic Overview: A growing population, with 7.6% of U.S. adults identifying as LGBTQ+ in 2023. Gen Z shows the highest identification at 22.3%, with 57.3% of LGBTQ+ adults identifying as bisexual.
  • Wealth & Lifestyle: LGBTQ+ households report a median income of $110,600, slightly higher than opposite-sex couples. They are more likely to rent homes and face higher unemployment rates (9% vs. 5% for non-LGBTQ individuals).
  • Education & Employment: LGBTQ+ adults are 21% less likely to have a college degree, possibly due to their younger age distribution. They work across various sectors but face higher unemployment rates.
  • Relationship & Household Dynamics: LGBTQ+ adults are more likely to be single (53%) compared to the general population (33%). 29% have children under 18, with same-sex couples less likely to have children than opposite-sex couples.
  • Regions: LGBTQ population is highest in the South(35.9%), with California having the largest share at 11.1%. Oregon has the highest index (142) relative to its population.
  • Media & Technology: Heavy users of social media and podcasts, with 48% more time spent on podcasts compared to the general population. They underindex in traditional media like radio and print. LGBTQ individuals see technology as a means of self-expression, prioritizing dependability and appearance. They rely heavily on social media influencers for tech information.
  • Shopping & Brand Preferences: This audience values price and convenience, makes impulse purchases, prefers online shopping, and is influenced by social media for purchases. They favor brands like Airbnb for lodging, United Airlines for travel, shops at CircleK, wears Converse apparel, and drives Toyota vehicles.
  • Political & Social Issues: LGBTQ+ adults largely prefer Democratic candidates and are highly motivated to vote in 2024. They are likely to experience negative mental health impacts resulting from political discourse.
  • Health & Wellness: LGBTQ+ individuals face higher healthcare needs and report more negative experiences with providers. They show higher rates of mental health issues and substance use compared to non-LGBTQ peers.
  • Faith & Religion: Nearly half of all LGBTQ+ adults are religious, with religiosity increasing with age. Black LGBTQ+ adults and those in the South are most likely to be religious.
  • And more...

Leverage the detailed findings in this report to forge meaningful connections with the LGBTQ+ community, tapping into their distinct preferences and values to foster lasting engagement. Download the full report today to unlock the potential of this diverse and influential demographic group.

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